Renovations. New Homes. Additions. Framing.

Your home is a sacred place and a shelter from the world. Berstad is inspired by the finest in solid Scandinavian craftsmanship that stand up through the fiercest elements northern climates have to offer.

Whether you're renovating or building something new, work with Berstad, let's build something that will stand the test of time.


In Calgary, there are no shortage of home builders to choose from. So why choose Berstad as yours?

Trade Partners: We have working relationships with outstanding trade partners who we fully trust to work in your home. Excellent workmanship. Reliable people. The foundation of our company.

Efficiency. With over 20 years of combined project management in various fields, we schedule jobs to be completed in a timely manner and our trades know they can count on us to be ready for them when the time comes. This keeps our timelines above the average.

Integrity. Doing it the right way, even with details nobody notices!


Three generations ago my family came across the Atlantic ocean from Scandinavia to the Canadian prairies. As many from that area of Europe did upon their arrival to Canada, they selected a new surname to be carried down from generation to generation. Berstad, the name of the small farming village they came from, seemed like a good fit - connecting them to their past while carrying them through into their new home.

Old world tradition and timeless building is what this name carries forward today. Trent has been building houses since he helped his dad build an addition on their family home in 1978. Since then he has been involved with project management in a variety of places. Since 2003 he has owned and operated his own construction company in Calgary doing everything from framing to general contracting custom homes.


We believe that each customer is important and that each job should be done with excellence.

We believe that every person deserves such treatment, that is why Trent leads a team of high school kids at spring break to build homes in Tijuana, Mexico constructing homes for families in need.

Their families, kids, and homes are equally as important to us as the families and homes we work on here in Calgary. Trent has been hands on involved with the construction and funding of over 200 homes in Central America.